Not sure what resolution you need or how to change your wallpaper?

Choosing the best wallpaper resolution:

The numbers (1024x768, etc.) that you see below the image refer to the size, or pixel resolution, of the image. The correct one to choose depends on your desktop resolution which is an operating system setting.

To find out what your desktop resolution is in Windows, minimize your windows so you can see your desktop background. Right-click on it. Select "Properties" (or "Personalize" in Vista). Now, select "Settings" ("Display Settings" in Vista). Under "Screen Resolution" you should see a number ratio. In most cases, this will match one of the available wallpaper resolutions given on this site. If not, the smallest (1024x768) is probably the best way to go.

In the case of LCD monitors, each monitor has a specific native resolution which will most likely match one of the resolution sizes given on this site. The size of your monitor in inches can usually tell you what resolution it is, as the following list of standard monitor sizes and their resolution shows.

Non-widescreen monitors:

  • 12"-15": 1024x768
  • 17"-19": 1280x1024

Widescreen monitors:

  • 20"-22": 1680x1050
  • 24"-28": 1920x1200

There are exceptions to this, but your monitor most likely falls into one of these ranges.

Changing Wallpaper:

While you can manually save the wallpaper to your computer and then change your desktop settings to select it as a wallpaper, the easiest way is to simply right-click on the image in your browser and click the button that says something like "Set as desktop wallpaper." Most web browsers have a feature like this, and will automatically save the image and change your desktop for you.